Nov 2021


International Residents in Tokyo Prepare for a Possible Mega-quake Together

Last Saturday, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) organized a household disaster preparedness planning workshop for international residents. Two sessions were held on this day: one in simplified Japanese and the other in English. 20 people attended in total. The workshop covered the basic preparation methods for the possible mega-quake in Tokyo, including risk mitigation at home, evacuation procedures and emergency stockpiles. Although Tokyo residents have been experiencing frequent earthquakes recently, international residents have very limited opportunities to learn about disaster prevention. One of the participants commented that although she has lived in Japan for 20 years, this workshop was the first time for her to learn about disaster responses comprehensively. […]

Oct 2021


Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Foreign Residents to be Launched

Did you know that experts in Japan have warned us that the chances of a powerful earthquake striking Tokyo in the next 30 years could be as high as 70%? Are you and your family prepared for such an event? Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is organizing workshops for international residents in Tokyo to raise awareness and improve preparedness for the possible mega-quake in Japan. The workshops are open to the public and conducted in English and simplified Japanese (Yasashii Nihongo). During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of disaster preparedness, such as ways to prevent/mitigate risks at home, evacuation procedures and emergency stockpile. PBV is a Tokyo-based non-profit […]

Dec 2016


Disaster Preparedness Training For Dutch Embassy Tokyo Staff

On 2nd December 2016, PBV was invited to the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo to train Embassy staff in disaster preparedness. PBV conducted two workshops, attended by a total of 45 embassy staff. The participants explored the following key workshop themes: – Understanding your household and surroundings – Visualizing a disaster – Disaster preparedness and response PBV’s trainer covered practical skills in how to prepare one’s home, protect one’s self and loved ones, and minimise disaster impacts. The participants not only learnt tangible methods to make their homes safer, but also identified evacuation routes in their communities and learnt how to make effective disaster plans for […]

Apr 2013


[Disaster Risk Reduction] Q&A Manual – Assistance for Foreigners at Times of Disaster

The reason Peace Boat’s Disaster Volunteer Centre was able to receive international volunteers from 56 countries and regions around the world is because of the presence of bilingual volunteers to support communication. We have also been working with the local municipality and other gruops in Tokyo to provide information in languages other than English to support people in the case of a disaster, including making the Spanish translation of the Assistance Manual for Foreigners in Times of Disaster, which includes information in around 60 categories such as where to go to get food during a disaster or where to submit necessary applications.

Feb 2013


Shinjuku Multicultural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Discussion City Walk (Part 1)

On November 24 2012, around 20 people including students, members of NGOs and NPOs based in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, representatives of the Social Welfare Council and Peace Boat international staff gathered for the Multicultural and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Discussion City Walk. This programme was implemented as part of the disaster volunteer skills training, and so graduates of Peace Boat’s Disaster Relief Volunteer Leader Training also participated.

Nov 2012


Event Report: Forum on creating a long-term support and recovery network for the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster areas

On October 17, with the cooperation of NGO/NPOs and corporate partners, Peace Boat hosted an event focused on creating a network to quickly and efficiently provide support after disasters in Japan.
The event was organised by Peace Boat’s Disaster Volunteer Centre, with the help of sponsors including the Civilian Disaster Prevention and Disaster Area Support Network; corporate partner IBM Japan; intermediate support organizations such as Just Giving Japan; and NGO/NPO On the Road.

Nov 2012


Case Study Training in Tokyo, Nov 25

Volunteering at disaster-affected areas requires volunteer coordinators and leaders to consider many different situations. However, it is not easy to imagine these challenges and difficulties without real-life experiences.
This“case study”training has been organized by Peace Boat in cooperation with several university professors and students. The course offers a study programme where participants can learn through recreated scenarios which are based upon the actual experiences of volunteer leaders at disaster sites.
The participants will gain an ability to “imagine” and “make judgements” through discussions and workshops, and also have a chance to meet and learn from the experiences of people directly affected by disasters.

Oct 2012


Volunteer Interview – Anbai Yuhiro

Originally from Iwate Prefecture, Anbai Yuhiro now lives in Tokyo. He has volunteered in each of the three prefectures that make up the Tohoku region, and he currently volunteers in the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre office in Tokyo.
It has been over a year and a half since the disaster struck Eastern Japan, and many volunteers have been involved in the relief efforts in the disaster-affected region, as well as many others searching for ways to get involved in rebuilding the future of Tohoku. Mr Anbai, the subject of this interview, is one of them. We asked him about his reasons for continuing to volunteer, and why he started to volunteer in the first place.

Oct 2012


“Intro to Disaster Volunteering” Begins!

Peace Boat is proud to announce the launch in September 2012 of the Disaster Volunteer Training programme, designed to help prepare for future disasters. This is a four-step program composed of both introductory and intermediate-level courses.

By hosting these classes around the country and offering online certification, we hope to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to learn these skills and knowledge.

Aug 2012


Fukushima & Venezuela Music Youth Ambassadors – Final Performance

The final performance of Fukushima & Venezuela Music Youth Ambassadors was held on August 18 at Tsuda Hall in Tokyo. Approximately 450 people, including family members and other guests of the Fukushima TV Junior Orchestra, people connected to the Venezuelan Embassy, and evacuees from Fukushima who live in the Tokyo area, participated to see the children perform.

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