Apr 2013


The Fukushima Youth Ambassadors have safely returned!

The 12 junior high school students from Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture who took part in the 2013 Spring Fukushima Youth Ambassadors project arrived back to Narita airport on April 1, 2013 after having learned about language, nature, sustainability and energy in Australia. From Narita they travelled by bus, safely returning to Minamisoma.
The 8-day local program was very fulfilling and fruitful, thanks to the cooperation of Australia-side partner Japanese for Peace, the homestay families, and all others at the schools, farm, beach, wind farm, permaculture garden and other places visited during their stay.
Along with announcing their safe return, we thank everyone that supported this project in many different ways.

Mar 2013


Fukushima Youth Ambassadors depart for Australia!

The Fukushima Youth Ambassadors, 12 junior high school students (ages 13-14) from Minamisoma City, are departing for Australia today! The 12 youth will visit Melbourne for a programme of educational and cultural exchange with local students and citizen’s groups. This will be an opportunity to experience intercultural understanding workshops, learn about environmental issues through outdoor activities, and practise English. In this healthy, dynamic and creative environment they will learn new skills, enjoy new experiences and gain a fresh perspective on the future, invaluable to them as they struggle to consider the future of their disaster-affected community.

Aug 2012


Fukushima & Venezuela Music Youth Ambassadors – Final Performance

The final performance of Fukushima & Venezuela Music Youth Ambassadors was held on August 18 at Tsuda Hall in Tokyo. Approximately 450 people, including family members and other guests of the Fukushima TV Junior Orchestra, people connected to the Venezuelan Embassy, and evacuees from Fukushima who live in the Tokyo area, participated to see the children perform.

Jul 2012


A day at the Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki

The Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki opened on June 2. The acceptance of the local community has been growing, and there are now around 20 local visitors each day. Including the many large-scale events, the Center has welcomed over 1,000 people in the six weeks since it opened.
This report outlines a day at the Peace Boat Center, including volunteer activities, events, and more.

Jun 2012


Certificate of appreciation and commemorative token from the Ishinomaki Technical High School!

Peace Boat was honoured to receive a certificate of appreciation, a towel commemorating the team’s entry into the Koshien national tournament, and an original photo stand from the Koshien Committee of the Ishinomaki Technical High School, whose baseball team made their first entry into Koshien this spring.

May 2012


Cycling School in Ishinomaki!

Among the beautiful cherry blossoms filling the Ishinomaki Senshu University campus, you could hear the chatter of happy children from a parking lot. On April 30, about 40 local primary school kids gathered there for a cycling school ‘Wielerschool,’ which is held in over 30 locations every year throughout Japan.
The school is hosted by the ‘Chainring Project for Kids’ which was established by volunteer cyclists after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Mar 2012


Computers arrive in the schoolhouse!

After losing its own premises in the tsunami, Minato Daini Junior School is now located in temporary prefabricated buildings on the grounds of another local junior school. However, none of the facilities enjoyed by the students as before are yet available. Upon request from the school, Peace Boat has worked with the PAL System Cooperative Association to provide the school with 13 child-oriented computers for lesson purposes, successfully installed on March 1.

Aug 2011


Fukushima Youth Project – Staff Interview

Between July 23 – August 4, 49 Junior High School students from six different schools in Minamisoma participated in the Fukushima Youth Voyage which traveled to Viet Nam, Singapore and Sri Lanka onboard Peace Boat. The students enjoyed participating in activities onboard and in the ports of call. For some of them it was their first time to travel overseas and they all gained a lot from the international exchange and learning opportunities. This is an interview with accompanying staff member Ms Yasuhara Hazuki about her experience and thoughts on the project.

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