Dec 2016


Disaster Preparedness Training For Dutch Embassy Tokyo Staff

On 2nd December 2016, PBV was invited to the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo to train Embassy staff in disaster preparedness.
PBV conducted two workshops, attended by a total of 45 embassy staff.

The participants explored the following key workshop themes:

– Understanding your household and surroundings
– Visualizing a disaster
– Disaster preparedness and response

PBV’s trainer covered practical skills in how to prepare one’s home, protect one’s self and loved ones, and minimise disaster impacts.

The participants not only learnt tangible methods to make their homes safer, but also identified evacuation routes in their communities and learnt how to make effective disaster plans for their entire household.

This is particularly important, given that Tokyo is one of the most at-risk capital cities in the world; the Japanese government has warned that there is a 70% chance of a major earthquake hitting Tokyo in the next 30 years.

PBV looks forward to continuing to work with the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, and will continue to help communities in Japan prepare for future disasters.



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