Volunteer opportunities with PBV

Volunteering is a great way to support PBV’s activities. We offer volunteering opportunities for both English and Japanese speakers.

*If you are fluent in Japanese (Business level/ JLPT N2 or equivalent), you may want to check volunteering opportunities for Japanese speakers. Please visit our Japanese website and follow the application procedures provided on the page.

1. Disaster Relief Volunteers (Currently there are no positions available)
When disasters strike, PBV immediately starts information gathering to get a better idea of local conditions, working in collaboration with local and national support organizations. Most of the time, experienced PBV staff members are dispatched to the affected areas to assess damages and possible areas of need requiring assistance. Once this assessment is complete, we then make an open call for volunteers. As the need for volunteers varies depending on the local situation, please make sure you are abreast of the most recent developments.

PLEASE NOTE: We have suspended accepting on-site volunteers in disaster-affected areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are other ways to support the PBV’s activities besides volunteering on-site. Kindly consider volunteering online or supporting us through donations.

2. Online Volunteers
PBV currently seeks online volunteers who can work with PBV members in the area of public relations / strategic communications.
Public communications is an important part of PBV’s daily activities; it is even more so when disaster strikes.. Effective and impactful communication is essential to PBV’s publicity, fundraising, and networking efforts. Volunteering with PBV online will offer you a great opportunity to learn the basics of managing a non-profit organization’s outreach initiatives while developing your knowledge on the topics of disaster response and disaster risk reduction, regardless of where you are physically present. The following lists some of the areas we are looking for volunteers to assist in:
– Article writing for social media
– Website development and maintenance
– Translation and proofreading
– Online-event assistance

If you are interested in volunteering with PBV, please contact relief[@]pbv.or.jp