Nov 2021


International Residents in Tokyo Prepare for a Possible Mega-quake Together

Last Saturday, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) organized a household disaster preparedness planning workshop for international residents. Two sessions were held on this day: one in simplified Japanese and the other in English. 20 people attended in total. The workshop covered the basic preparation methods for the possible mega-quake in Tokyo, including risk mitigation at home, evacuation procedures and emergency stockpiles. Although Tokyo residents have been experiencing frequent earthquakes recently, international residents have very limited opportunities to learn about disaster prevention. One of the participants commented that although she has lived in Japan for 20 years, this workshop was the first time for her to learn about disaster responses comprehensively. […]

Oct 2021


Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Foreign Residents to be Launched

Did you know that experts in Japan have warned us that the chances of a powerful earthquake striking Tokyo in the next 30 years could be as high as 70%? Are you and your family prepared for such an event? Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is organizing workshops for international residents in Tokyo to raise awareness and improve preparedness for the possible mega-quake in Japan. The workshops are open to the public and conducted in English and simplified Japanese (Yasashii Nihongo). During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of disaster preparedness, such as ways to prevent/mitigate risks at home, evacuation procedures and emergency stockpile. PBV is a Tokyo-based non-profit […]

Feb 2021


PBV’s Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

This year marks 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) celebrates its 10th anniversary. While sending our sincere gratitude to all supporters and volunteers who have offered a helping hand to those in need in disaster-struck areas in Japan and around the globe during the ten years, we are taking on a new challenge to take another step forward – a crowdfunding campaign targeted to raise five million yen by the end of March 2021. During the past 10 years, PBV has served disaster-affected areas in 54 communities across Japan with help of more than 100,000 volunteers, including international volunteers. The ongoing […]

Oct 2017


Shinjuku Disaster Prevention Festa 2017

The second annual Shinjuku Disaster Prevention Festa was held on Sunday, September 3rd. The weather was extremely pleasant and 3,200 people attended the event, surpassing the number of attendees of the previous year. PBV served as the secretariat for the organizing committee and worked together with the government, NPOs, corporations, schools, and volunteers to plan and organize this event. There were many events encouraging children to participate. One popular event was titled “Kaeru (Frog) Caravan”, where children were able to trade toys, and experience and learn about disaster prevention in a fun way. There were also many international events including a first aid class held in English and a household […]

Jun 2017


Disaster Resilience Leadership Training For Youth in Kobe

On 3-4 June 2017, PBV conducted a training programme for a group of young alumni of the TOMODACHI program. 21 university students and young professionals gathered for the “TOMODACHI Disaster Resilience Leadership Training” in Kobe. Within this group, more than half of the participants were from Tohoku and had experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake as junior high school students. The TOMODACHI Initiative, in the wake of the 2011 tsunami, started conducting programs for education, cultural exchange and leadership to connect youth in Japan and the United States. They have reached over 5,700 young people in the past 6 years. PBV, alongside partner JISP (Japan IsraAID Support Program), implemented this project to enhance alumni leadership skills specifically relevant […]

Jun 2017


Stronger Together: Building a Nationwide Disaster Prevention Network

In Japan, there is a growing momentum to promote cross-sector partnerships between government, private sector, and civil society organisations to respond to and prevent national disasters. Japanese Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD) gathers together actors from all parts of society to not only share information, but also respond more effectively to disasters. After the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, a large number of volunteers mobilized to help communities in affected areas around Kobe. As a result, this year is often referred to as Japan’s “birth of volunteerism”. At the time, there was no framework in place to take in so many volunteers from across the country. Following on from the Chuetsu Earthquake, it was […]

Feb 2017


Haiti: Emergency Response Phase 2

On 4th October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, leaving a trail of destruction across the island nation. The hurricane brought about the country’s most severe humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake. In the weeks and months following the disaster, there was a spike in cholera, diarrhea, and other water-related illnesses. One of the reasons for this is that many sanitation and water systems were destroyed, leading to contamination of water sources. Having consulted with local partners and gathered extensive information from UN agencies and other credible sources, PBV identified this need and decided to launch a phase 2 project focusing on clean water and community sanitation. Following on from the […]

Dec 2016


Disaster Preparedness Training For Dutch Embassy Tokyo Staff

On 2nd December 2016, PBV was invited to the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo to train Embassy staff in disaster preparedness. PBV conducted two workshops, attended by a total of 45 embassy staff. The participants explored the following key workshop themes: – Understanding your household and surroundings – Visualizing a disaster – Disaster preparedness and response PBV’s trainer covered practical skills in how to prepare one’s home, protect one’s self and loved ones, and minimise disaster impacts. The participants not only learnt tangible methods to make their homes safer, but also identified evacuation routes in their communities and learnt how to make effective disaster plans for […]

Oct 2016


Haiti Emergency Response: Hurricane Matthew

Please click HERE to donate to survivors of Hurricane Matthew. In early October 2016, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction across many countries in the region. The island nation of Haiti was especially devastated. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), over 2 million people have been affected, over 500 fatalities have been confirmed, and 750,000 people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The toll is expected to rise as more information from affected areas becomes available. PBV is proud to partner with nonprofit organisation World Cares Center to help the Haitian community recover from Hurricane Matthew. Since the 2010 […]

Sep 2016


English-language “Household Disaster Preparedness Planning” Workshop

PBV held the English-language “Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop” on 4th September 2016. 25 participants from 12 countries took part in the workshop, which was held at the “Shinjuku Bosai Festa”, a major disaster prevention festival in Tokyo. Over the course of 2 hours, the participants explored the following key workshop themes: “Understanding your household and surroundings”, “Visualizing a disaster”, and “Disaster preparedness and response”. The workshop covered practical skills in how to prepare one’s home, protect one’s self and loved ones, and minimise disaster impacts.The participants not only learnt tangible methods to make their homes safer, but also identified evacuation routes in their communities and learnt how to make […]

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