Nov 2012


Case Study Training in Tokyo, Nov 25

Now recruiting students for Case study Training in Tokyo on November 25, 2012!

Volunteering at disaster-affected areas requires volunteer coordinators and leaders to consider many different situations. However, it is not easy to imagine these challenges and difficulties without real-life experiences.

This“case study”training has been organized by Peace Boat in cooperation with several university professors and students. The course offers a study programme where participants can learn through recreated scenarios which are based upon the actual experiences of volunteer leaders at disaster sites.

The participants will gain an ability to “imagine” and “make judgements” through discussions and workshops, and also have a chance to meet and learn from the experiences of people directly affected by disasters.

※This “case study” training is held as part of Peace Boat’s overall capacity and skill building programmes.



Disaster volunteer training -skill-building-
“Case Study – imagine gain the ability to make good judgments-

【Date and Time】 November 25, 2012 (Sunday) 10:00 – 16:30
【Venue】JICA TOKYO(2-49-5, Nishihara, Shibuya, Tokyo)
【Participation Fee】 3,000 yen *Members 2,000 yen
【Quota】 10 – 30 people (Prior booking required)
※ Minimum 10 participants required for training to take place.

【Targeted participants】
・Those who have completed Peace Boat’s ”Disaster Relief Training” (either: Elementary Disaster Volunteer Training, Disaster Relief Volunteer Certification, or Leader Training)
・Company employees or NGO staff who have been involved in relief operations.
・Those who have volunteer experience in a disaster relief operation and are committed to participate in relief operations in the future.

Programme content and schedule
10:00 Orientation and self-introductions
10:20 Video about the 11 March disaster and subsequent volunteer activities
10:50 Case Study 1: “Volunteering for who?”
(80 minutes) Discussion + Group presentation + Comments
12:10 Case study 2: “Consideration and coordination of volunteers
(80 minutes) Discussion + Group presentation + Comments
13:30 Lunch break
14:30 Case study 3: “Think about diversity and cooperation in a disaster scene”
(90 minutes) Discussion + Group presentation + Comments
16:00 Feedback + Q & A session
16:30 End

[In cooperation with]
Fukutake Shintaro (Sophia University Global Concern Laboratory)
Shibuya Tsutomu (Chukyo University International Liberal Arts Professor)
Kim Kyungmook (Chukyo University International Liberal Arts Assistant Professor)
Church World Service-Asia/Pacific

Please make a reservation with the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center.
▼TEL:03-3363-7967(10:00 – 19:00/Holidays: Sat, Sun, National holidays)
▼Email:training@pbv.or.jp (Japanese)

※ This training is offered in Japanese.
※ Please put“request for participation in a training case study”in the subject of the email and write your name, organization (company), phone number, and email address in the text.
※ Please see http://pbv.or.jp/privacy_policy.html for our policy on privacy information.