Mar 2021


Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

March 11, 2021 marks ten years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) and Peace Boat offer our prayers to those who lost their lives in the disaster. We would also like to express our sympathy to the bereaved families and to all those who are still in challenging situations. Ten years ago, immediately after the earthquake, Peace Boat entered Ishinomaki and Onagawa in Miyagi Prefecture and worked with many volunteers from Japan and abroad for the coming months and years. Although we went to the affected areas to help, we were greatly encouraged and heartened by the local people who accepted us. Videographer […]

Mar 2020


With each day that has passed: Nine years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

March 11, 2020. Nine years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. We express our deepest condolences to those whose lives were lost, and to the bereaved families. The whereabouts of 2,529 people remains unknown even today, and there are 47,737 people still living in evacuation. Each and every person has a life which cannot be expressed in numbers, and each of the 3,288 days which has passed cannot be expressed just by the 9th anniversary. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has worked together with many volunteers, in several disaster affected areas. An elderly man standing at a loss in front […]

Oct 2018


Emergency Response: 2018 Slawesi Earthquake and Tsunami

On 28th September, 2018 (Friday), an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 struck island of Slawesi, Indonesia. According to an announcement by the Indonesian Government, the earthquake and tsunami caused severe destruction, and over 1,500 people are confirmed to have lost their lives (as of 5th October). Number of people who are left homeless has reached to more than 70,000. The full scale of the earthquake and tsunami’s devastation has yet to be confirmed. We have received reports from the local support groups that many residents are left homeless without access to communication and lifeline, facing a great shortage of daily needs. To respond to the emergency situation, Peace Boat […]

Mar 2013


“Now, Here Project”: People need People – Providing Sustainable Support for Ishinomaki’s Fishing Industry

Peace Boat has recently launched the “Now, Here Project”, inspired by the worldwide WWOOF movement. This aims to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy by finding ways to match the needs of the local people with the enthusiasm and energy of young people from outside of the region. The project acts as a liaison between the fishing families who need help with their businesses and people who wish to stay with them and support their farming in return for food and accommodation.

Sep 2012


Making commercials for the Onagawa “Chime of Hope” Shops

The Chime of Hope Shopping Center was opened on 29 April this year on the grounds of the Onagawa High School, consisting of 50 shops. Peace Boat has been working together with the local community, volunteers and other groups to create commercials of the various shops in the centre. as a way to disseminate more information about the recovery process in Onagawa.

Aug 2012


Growing sea squirts

Miyagi Prefecture and Ishinomaki in particular are famous for producing the delicacy sea squirts. However, the tsunami greatly affected this industry, with none able to be harvested last year. The Peace Boat fishery and coastal support team has conducted activities to support those committed to the coastal recovery, and reviving the fishing industry. This article explains the process to produce sea squirts.

Mar 2012


Computers arrive in the schoolhouse!

After losing its own premises in the tsunami, Minato Daini Junior School is now located in temporary prefabricated buildings on the grounds of another local junior school. However, none of the facilities enjoyed by the students as before are yet available. Upon request from the school, Peace Boat has worked with the PAL System Cooperative Association to provide the school with 13 child-oriented computers for lesson purposes, successfully installed on March 1.

Mar 2012


Staff Interview Takeda Nobuhiro and support for Fukushima

After going to Ishinomaki as a member of Peace Boat’s advance team in March 2011, then working as a volunteer coordinator in Tokyo, Takeda Nobuhiro is now working to coordinate support for Fukushima. He himself is also from Fukushima – from Koriyama City, also deeply affected by the 3.11 disaster. This interview tells of his activities in Ishinomaki, coordinating in Tokyo, and planning ongoing support for Fukushima including youth temporary evacuation projects and opportunities for dialogue amongst citizens.

Feb 2012


Gathering scallop shells for oyster cultivation

Miyagi Prefecture is proud to cultivate the second largest volume of oysters in Japan. Volunteers are active helping to collect scallop shells to use for the cultivation of oysters. This is especially important as the recovery of the fishing industry is vital for the local community, yet many local residents working on this are elderly people living in temporary housing or partially damaged houses.

Dec 2011


2011 Fishing Support Report

Peace Boat activities to support the local fishing industry in the Ishinomaki area were carried out in 16 coastal locations in Ogatsu and the Oshika Peninsula, on 160 days in 2011. Throughout 2011, a total of 10,300 volunteers (7,757 Peace Boat regular and short-term volunteers (including international volunteers) and 2,543 corporate volunteers) took part in this operation.
While providing assistance for aqua-farming season may be restarted in 2012, Peace Boat would first like to extend our appreciation to all those who participated in activities this year, and report on the results of 2011.

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