Emergency Assistance: Post-typhoon Blackout in Chiba

On September 9, a strong typhoon struck Kanto region in Japan. The typhoon (No. 15 or Faxai) made a landfall and caused severe damage in areas including Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Tokyo and Chiba. In Chiba prefecture, the typhoon knocked down hundreds of trees in the mountains, which caused significant damage on electricity supply facilities, leading to wide-scale blackout in the region. At maximum, 900,000 households experienced the power-cut related to the typhoon. The blackout also affected water supply in many parts of the prefecture as the pumps to supply water did not function without electricity. Mobile network and telephone communication were also not functioning for days due to the blackout. With […]



Cyclone Idai: Food and Seed Kit Distribution Program in the Buzi District

In order to support community survival until the next harvest, we started distributing food and seed kits in 12 communities in the Buzi District, Sofala Province, in early June. The food kits contain rice and maize flour; both serve as staple foods in the country,  as well as cooking oil and beans, while the seed kits contain vegetable seeds and sweet potato roots for increased food security and nutrition. We aimed to distribute kits to the households in the village with a focus on the most vulnerable. As mentioned in the previous posts, the communities were located in remote areas with limited transportation. Many roads were still blocked and regular […]



Cyclone Idai: Relief Program in Buzi District

While communicating with multiple thematic clusters of international relief agents gathered in Beira, we tried to identify the locations and programs most in need based on up-to-date information gathered from international and local organizations. In the course of these activities, we came across a member of a local NGO, Kulima. This NGO has been actively involved in social and economic projects since its foundation in the 1980s and fostered strong networks in rural communities across the country. The abundant knowledge and experience of this NGO helped us a great deal while we had limited connections in the country. With an emergency grant from a Japan-based international NGO, Japan Platform, we decided […]



Cyclone Idai: Damage in Rural Areas in Mozambique

The dispatched PBV members traveled to rural communities outside Beira for further investigation of the damage caused by Cyclone Idai. The storm first made landfall in Beira then headed inland, moving westward over a plain which rivers run through. The landscape creates favorable conditions for agriculture in ordinary times, but led to extensive flooding during and after the storm. In particular, Buzi District located in the south of Beira experienced severe flooding due to the storm. During the storm, many were rescued from the area by helicopter and boat while witnessing the water lever rising way over head height. In some parts, the water from the storm had yet to […]



Cyclone Idai: Damage and Needs Assessment in Sofala Province, Mozambique

In mid-March 2019, a tropical cyclone, Idai, struck Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. It devastated the region. The death toll rose to 603 in Mozambique alone and thousands of people have been struggling to even live their everyday lives. The Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV) dispatched two staff members to Beira, Sofala Province, Mozambique, in April for damage assessment for emergency relief. Beira is a port city located in the central part of the country and serves as the second largest city after the capital Maputo. The city is not only a busy commercial hub, home to 500,000 people, but also boasts one of the most strategic ports in […]