Aug 2021


Emergency Relief Fund for the August 2021 Heavy Rain and Flood Launched

A large part of western Japan, including the Kyushu regions, has been experiencing torrential rains and rain-triggered flooding and mudslides since 11th August. According to reports as of 19th August, the rains caused damage in 20 prefectures, with eleven persons lost or missing and nearly 5000 houses damaged or inundated. More rains are in the forecast, and it is likely that more damages will be reported in the coming days. PBV’s Advanced Team Dispatched to the Flood Affected Kyushu Region Considering the severe destruction caused by the floods, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) dispatched a team on 18th August to Saga Prefecture, where extensive damages have been reported. The area […]

Aug 2020


[Torrential Rain in July 2020] PBV launches relief efforts in Kuma-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture

Heavy rains throughout almost the entire month of July caused profound damage to communities in Kumamoto prefecture. In Kuma-mura, one of the worst hit areas, many residents are still residing in an evacuation shelter. In order to fulfill the needs for emergency response, the prefectural government of Kumamoto and local government of Kuma-mura requested YMCA Kumamoto and Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) for operational support at the evacuation shelter. After several meetings and discussions with the local authorities and YMCA Kumamoto, PBV decided to dispatch staff members to respond to the request. Since April this year, PBV has prepared our staff for emergency response during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dispatched […]

Jul 2020


July 2020 Torrential Rains: PBV’s Relief Projects Launched

Record-breaking downpours since July 3rd 2020 have caused devastating and widespread damage throughout Japan, including the Kyushu region. Flooding and landslides have been reported and it is likely that more time will be required to grasp the entire scope of the damages. Please stay safe as heavy rains are still ongoing in some regions. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has been concerned about the combination of a natural disaster with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the residents affected by the widespread disaster have been facing enormous challenges. PBV is implementing relief projects with Kyushu-based organizations with whom we have collaborated in past relief efforts. As an initial response, hygiene and […]

Jul 2020


Call for Donations: Emergency Relief for Torrential Rains and Flooding in Kyushu 2020

Since July 3, 2020, record torrential rains have continued mainly in Kumamoto and other prefectures in Kyushu. Heavy rain emergency warnings have been issued in several prefectures in southern and western parts of the Japanese archipelago. The rains have been causing large-scale flood damage and landslides in many parts of the affected regions. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has been in close communication (via online) with Kumamoto Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (KVOAD), Kumamoto Prefectural Council of Social Welfare, Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD) and other relief agencies to gather information of the damage situations and updates on the ongoing relief efforts. Due to the risk of COVID-19 […]

Sep 2019


CALL FOR DONATIONS: Heavy rains in Northern Kyushu 2019

The northern part of Kyushu has been experiencing severe heavy rain since August 28, 2019, with particular damage in Fukuoka, Saga, Oita Prefectures. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a warning, and evacuation orders were made for approximately 880,000 people in these three prefectures. There have been rivers overflowing in various locations, and as of August 29 the Cabinet Office has announced that there was inundation above floor level in 82 buildings, and below in 318. The overall extent of the damage is as yet unknown, and it is anticipated that it may expand further. The Peace Boat Disaster Volunteer Center (PBV) dispatched staff members to the affected areas on August […]

Mar 2018


Letter from Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture

We recently received a letter from the mayor of Asakura City, affected by the heavy rainstorms in Kyushu, southern Japan last July. Our support activities for the affected areas included cleanup activities for houses, management of disaster volunteers, restoration activities of farmland and so on, carried out in cooperation with a great number of support groups, local organizations and volunteers. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation for all those who made contributions to this support, inlcuding individuals, groups and organizations. Thank you very much! Translation of the letter   Dear friends, On July 5, 2017, a rainstorm occurred in the northern part of Kyushu. It brought unprecedented […]

Jul 2017


Northern Kyushu Flooding and Landslides: Emergency Response

Record-setting rainfall since July 5, 2017, has hit the northern part of Kyushu, centered on Fukuoka and Oita prefectures. This unprecedented amount of rain has caused massive flooding over wide areas, and landslides.   Heavy rain continues to fall intermittently in affected areas, roads have been flooded, and homes severely damaged. Hardest hit include the mountainous areas of Fukuoka and Oita prefectures, and the Disaster Relief Act will apply to these areas as enormous damage has been reported. Overall, the full scale of damage is yet to be determined, but there are areas where utilities have completely stopped, and many residents have been forced to evacuate. As of July 6, […]

Sep 2012


Northern Kyushu Flooding Relief Activity – Interview Report

Peace Boat provided relief activity for the flooding in northern Kyushu between 15 July – 10 August 2012, in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture. 41 volunteers (with a total of 212 volunteer working days), together with many individual volunteers, visited the local disaster volunteer center run by the Social Welfare Council (hereafter referred to as “SWC”) scooped mud out of the houses and facilities, as well as cleaned the roads and street drains.

Upon completion of the volunteer activities, Peace Boat staff member Suzuki Shoichi who was in charge of the local coordination interviewed Mr Mizuno Masaya, the head of Kujyu branch of the SWC.

Aug 2012


Kyushu Floods: Disaster Relief Activity Report

This is a report on Peace Boat’s disaster relief activities after the heavy rain and flooding in Takeda City, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu.
At midnight on July 20, 5 days after the Peace Boat advance team entered Takeda City, 9 staff members including the first volunteer team arrived at the site together with materials and equipment for relief work. They then began to meet with staff members of the local Disaster Volunteer Center run by the Takeda CIty Social Welfare Council, and launched relief efforts for mud shoveling and cleaning.