Mar 2018


Letter from Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture

We recently received a letter from the mayor of Asakura City, affected by the heavy rainstorms in Kyushu, southern Japan last July.

Our support activities for the affected areas included cleanup activities for houses, management of disaster volunteers, restoration activities of farmland and so on, carried out in cooperation with a great number of support groups, local organizations and volunteers.

Once again, we would like to express our appreciation for all those who made contributions to this support, inlcuding individuals, groups and organizations.
Thank you very much!

Translation of the letter


Dear friends,

On July 5, 2017, a rainstorm occurred in the northern part of Kyushu. It brought unprecedented damage to Asakura City. A large number of citizens were affected by this catastrophe, including the loss of lives and properties.

However, the immediate outpouring of material contributions and volunteer activities gave us a huge help and encouragement. We highly appreciate everything you did for us. It is you who gave us the hope for living, the courage to stand up from the the depths of despair. On behalf of all citizens of Asakura City, I sincerely thank you for your compassionate help and generous contributions.

Half a year has passed since the rains hit Asakura City. Roads, rivers, reservoirs and other infrastructure at the affected areas have been restored temporarily and basic life has been secured. Constant efforts have been made to remove large amounts of driftwood and sands that flowed out of the forests, as well as collapsed houses and debris. In addition, the project of removing inflowing sediment and drifting trash began in some parts of the farmland, upon which the core industry of Asakura was based. Though the pace of change is slow, we are beginning to move from restoration to reconstruction.

Currently, we are working on a reconstruction plan with related administrative organizations, universities and citizens to create a new Asakura City where everyone can live peacefully and safely. At the end of this month, the reconstruction plan will be submitted to the city council.

Although the damage caused by this storm was unprecedented and unimaginable, we are working together collectively for the reconstruction of Asakura City. We will highly appreciate it if you could kindly continue your support and cooperation.

In closing, thank you sincerely for all of your generous contributions. we wish you success and prosperity in the future.

Morita Shunsuke
Mayor, Asakura City

March 16, 2018