Jul 2020


July 2020 Torrential Rains: PBV’s Relief Projects Launched

Record-breaking downpours since July 3rd 2020 have caused devastating and widespread damage throughout Japan, including the Kyushu region. Flooding and landslides have been reported and it is likely that more time will be required to grasp the entire scope of the damages. Please stay safe as heavy rains are still ongoing in some regions.

Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has been concerned about the combination of a natural disaster with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the residents affected by the widespread disaster have been facing enormous challenges. PBV is implementing relief projects with Kyushu-based organizations with whom we have collaborated in past relief efforts.

As an initial response, hygiene and sanitation equipment to prevent infection and tools for flood recovery will be delivered to our partner organizations in Kumamoto and Oita, namely, Kumamoto Yukyu No Kai, NPO Nishihara Tanpopo House, NPO Rearea, and Tsuru No Ongaeshi. In addition to the items PBV has prepared for

flood relief, such as marquees, pressure cleaners, generators, and power tools, each organization will receive anti-dust face masks, detergent, towels and surgical masks contributed by our donors.

We will continue our relief efforts while communicating with the local authorities, partner organizations, and other support agencies to best meet the local needs.

We accept donations from within Japan and overseas. Please help us support those in extremely difficult situations:   https://pbv.or.jp/en/donate/