Aug 2021


Emergency Relief Fund for the August 2021 Heavy Rain and Flood Launched

A large part of western Japan, including the Kyushu regions, has been experiencing torrential rains and rain-triggered flooding and mudslides since 11th August. According to reports as of 19th August, the rains caused damage in 20 prefectures, with eleven persons lost or missing and nearly 5000 houses damaged or inundated. More rains are in the forecast, and it is likely that more damages will be reported in the coming days.

PBV’s Advanced Team Dispatched to the Flood Affected Kyushu Region

Considering the severe destruction caused by the floods, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) dispatched a team on 18th August to Saga Prefecture, where extensive damages have been reported. The area had experienced floods in 2019 and PBV carried out relief projects back then in cooperation with the local authorities, volunteers and various networks. The dispatched team is currently working closely with those local support organizations and individuals to gather information about the damage.

Relief Operation Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As Tokyo, where the PBV is based, has been experiencing the largest surge of COVID-19 infection cases at the moment, the size of the team dispatched to Saga is restricted to a minimal level. The dispatched members are fully vaccinated and tested negative on PCR tests taken prior to the travel to Saga. Our work strictly complies with various guidelines published by the health authorities as well as regional and national networks of disaster relief organizations, such as JVOAD, Japan Platform and Saga Disaster Relief Platform.

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Based on the information gathered by the advanced team and communication with related stakeholders, we plan to deliver the necessary support to the communities in affected regions, but not limited to Saga. Due to the pandemic, mobilizing a large number of volunteers from a distance has been difficult, but we successfully implemented the relief operation in the flood-affected areas in Kumamoto prefecture (which is also in Kyushu) last year amid the pandemic. From that experience, we are sure that we can overcome the ongoing difficulties in Saga with joint efforts among the local, national and international support organizations.

Recovery from a flood is a long journey for the residents in the affected communities. Please help us to help those in devastating situations to find hope for the future. PBV offers various methods of donations, including a workplace giving platform, Benevity. Visit our donation page and find the most convenient method for you. Thank you in advance for your generous support!