Nov 2012


Overnight disaster drills at schools

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, overnight emergency drills are being held at 180 high schools throughout Tokyo.

Peace Boat has been invited to participate and give lectures at drills held at three schools, most recently the Momijigawa Public High School in Tokyo.

The Board of Education hops that such drills “will not only help students learn to be able to take care of themselves during an emergency, but also help them to be able to play an active role contributing to society, such as through supporting evacuation center operations.”

Mar 2012


Computers arrive in the schoolhouse!

After losing its own premises in the tsunami, Minato Daini Junior School is now located in temporary prefabricated buildings on the grounds of another local junior school. However, none of the facilities enjoyed by the students as before are yet available. Upon request from the school, Peace Boat has worked with the PAL System Cooperative Association to provide the school with 13 child-oriented computers for lesson purposes, successfully installed on March 1.