May 2011


660 volunteers during Golden Week break – creating a new base for volunteers

It is now Golden Week, with several public holidays in a row in Japan. Many people are using their vacation time to travel to affected areas and volunteer.
During this time, Peace Boat is coordinating 480 people in Ishinomaki for the week – the most at one time until date. As well as this weekly group, Peace Boat has also organised a shorter programme for 180 volunteers to travel from Tokyo from May 2 and spend three nights / five days volunteering in Ishinomaki. The maximum number of volunteers Peace Boat has coordinated at one time in Ishinomaki has been 380 people. As a result, there will be 660 volunteers working in Miyagi with Peace Boat during Golden Week.

Apr 2011

International volunteer group photo by team leader Campesino

Across borders and nationalities! Report from an International Volunteer Team

This is a report by Campe-sino who went to Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture as a volunteer twice, for 8 days from April 15 – 23 and for 9 days from March 21 – 30. We have obtained his permission to reprint. Volunteers in the affected areas will continue to be needed after Golden Week. Please attend an information session if you are interested.

Apr 2011


Open for Business Again – the Moriya Fruit and Vegetable Store, Ishinomaki

Exactly one month and two days since the earthquake. The Moriya Fruit and Vegetable Store, which has been providing Ishinomaki residents with quality fruit produce for the last 80 years is now open for business again. Located on the high street just by the Ishinomaki City Hall, it is is the first shop to re-open after the disaster.

200 new volunteers arrived in Ishinomaki last weekend. There is still a lot of work to be done.

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