Sep 2022


Japanese Civil Society Organizations join hands to support the populations affected by the Ukrainian crisis

Over 200 days have already passed since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. We have yet to see the end of the conflict and the beginning of peace on the ground. While many people fled from their homes to safer locations inside the country or left Ukraine entirely, the reality is that they are still in displacement for nearly seven months. Little is covered by Japanese media now, but the struggles of the refugees continue and humanitarian organizations tirelessly carry on with efforts to support them. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is one such organization that offers assistance to those affected by the war in partnership with many civil society […]

Aug 2022


[Updates] Emergency Responses to the Ukrainian Crisis: Month 6

This August marks the sixth month since the initial invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military. Since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has been working with partner NGOs based in Romania to provide humanitarian assistance within Ukraine and to those who were forced to flee their country. PBV has joined hands with PATRIR (Romanian Peace Institute) to offer emergency supplies to citizens in Ukraine. Between May and July, the team delivered medical supplies to more than eight hospitals in Kyiv, Odesa, and Kharkov with funding support from Japan Platform. PATRIR has been shipping  food and daily essentials to Ukraine, where citizens have limited to no access […]

Feb 2017


Haiti: Emergency Response Phase 2

On 4th October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, leaving a trail of destruction across the island nation. The hurricane brought about the country’s most severe humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake. In the weeks and months following the disaster, there was a spike in cholera, diarrhea, and other water-related illnesses. One of the reasons for this is that many sanitation and water systems were destroyed, leading to contamination of water sources. Having consulted with local partners and gathered extensive information from UN agencies and other credible sources, PBV identified this need and decided to launch a phase 2 project focusing on clean water and community sanitation. Following on from the […]

Nov 2012


International Standards for Humanitarian Aid: HAP and Sphere

Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre Programme Officer Maho Takahashi participated in the Training of Trainers (ToT) for the “Sphere Project” held between October 20-26 in Seoul, Korea. The Sphere Project sets minimum standards in humanitarian response for NGOs and NPOs, aiming to improve the quality and accountability of actions taken during disaster response.