Sep 2022


Japanese Civil Society Organizations join hands to support the populations affected by the Ukrainian crisis

Over 200 days have already passed since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine.
We have yet to see the end of the conflict and the beginning of peace on the ground. While many people fled from their homes to safer locations inside the country or left Ukraine entirely, the reality is that they are still in displacement for nearly seven months. Little is covered by Japanese media now, but the struggles of the refugees continue and humanitarian organizations tirelessly carry on with efforts to support them. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is one such organization that offers assistance to those affected by the war in partnership with many civil society organizations. Immediately after the break-out of the war, PBV launched an emergency relief fund to raise donations to meet the needs of the citizens in Ukraine and in refuge in other countries. More than 3000 individuals and organizations in Japan have contributed to the fund to offer support and solidarity. Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union) and Palsystem Consumer’s Co-operative Union are among such donors who offer their helping hands to the PBV.

We would like to share a heartfelt message from Jichiro and photos with Palsystem directors upon their courtesy visit to our office in Tokyo.

“We are deeply saddened by the devastating situation in which human rights and democracy are being trampled upon by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine from February 24th. Conflicts and wars create situations that marginalize the most vulnerable people, such as children, women, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. We are striving for a world where everyone, no matter what country or region they are born in, can fully embrace their human rights and live in peace and comfort, where children can grow up healthy and with smiles on their faces, with equal opportunities to learn. Five months have already passed since the military invasion of Ukraine, and there are still no signs of the situation being resolved. We would be very grateful if we could rely on your support to reach people in Ukraine and abroad in difficult circumstances, and to provide long-term assistance that is tailored to their changing needs”.

We are indeed grateful to receive such enormous support from Jichiro, Palsystem, and all the donors who made our assistance programs possible. Every donation, regardless of the amount, has been and will be utilized to bring changes to the affected people. PBV will continue the humanitarian efforts and share the project updates on this website and social media.


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