Mar 2024


2 Months On: Continuing support for the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture

Two months have now passed since the January 1, 2024 earthquake which struck the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. We convey our condolences to all those affected.

Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) entered the area immediately after the disaster, and has since been working together with local organisations, relevant agencies and relief groups to gather information and carry out relief activities.

Timeline following the Disaster

January 2: PBV dispatches several staff to the area
January 3: Launch of provision of hot meals and distribution of relief goods
January 4: Distribution of relief goods
January 5: Provision of hot meals
Please see this report for details on initial activities carried out from January 1.

On February 2, we began a registration process for those interested in participating as a volunteer in disaster relief activities (details here: currently in Japanese language only).

Activities since February

In the city of Suzu, we have continued activities to provide hot meals, and to coordinate offers of meal provision from various groups.

We are also continuing to provide school meals for children in the area.  A chef who work onboard Peace Boat and a dietitian who was active in the Great East Japan Earthquake also joined us on site, contributing their expertise in mass food preparation, from menu selection to preparation and serving. SUGIZO, a member of renowned Japanese bands LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, also joined us as a volunteer, assisting in daily support of the soup kitchen.

PBV has received numerous enquiries offering to support soup kitchens, as well as food truck or stall holders wishing to help. With hope to provide at least a little enjoyment for the local community, PBV coordinated with the “Suzunari” roadside station (“Michi no eki“) and the city authorities, to make hot meals available at Suzunari, a site in the centre of the city and beloved by local residents.
Many stalls lined the area for two days over February 17 and 18, in an atmosphere almost like a festival and attracting many people.
An organisation from Hiroshima Prefecture provided 2300 meals on February 17, while an organisation from elsewhere in Ishikawa Prefecture provided 4800 meals on February 18, bringing smiles to the faces of many affected members of the local community.

An information desk was set up by staff of the Suzu City Hall and Social Welfare Council. PBV, together with the Kumamoto Relief Team, distributed a variety of relief supplies during the two days. We received many comments such as “this is just what I wanted,” “this will be so helpful,” and “thank you,” remind us that there are still many people in need. It is especially difficult for at home evacuees to receive support, and so we hope that this was of some assistance to them.

PBV is also continuing our relief operations in the city of Wajima.

Outside of Ishikawa Prefecture, Peace Boat volunteers are holding fundraising campaigns on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka. Even during inclement weather, many volunteers are assisting with the fundraising each time, and receiving warm support and encouragement from people passing by.

* PBV’s activities in Ishikawa have been featured in the media, including newspaper and live television, more than 20 times. Please see here for the archives (in Japanese).

Ongoing support is vital

Due to the extensive impacts, continued support over a long period of time will be needed. We thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

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