Volunteers wanted for snow shoveling! (Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture)

Due to an unusual cold wave, a record snowfall has been reported at various locations in Japan. In Ojiya city of Niigata Prefecture, snow shoveling operations have not been able to keep up with snow accumulation. The lives of the elderly and children in the area are in danger and such conditions are casting a burden over their daily lives.
Based on such conditions, the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV) has started recruiting volunteers to help shovel snow!



Typhoon #12 in Wakayama: Field report and call for more volunteers

Following other recent heavy rains and flooding, Typhoon #15 passed through Japan on September 21st. In Kumanogawa-cho in Wakayama Prefecture, where Peace Boat Disaster Relief volunteers are present, activities were cancelled for the time being to ensure the safety of all involved. Both local citizens and volunteers were evacuated for this time, and the damage is now being evaluated. It is clear that volunteers will need to be in place for longer than initially planned.


Appeal for material donations

Appeal for material donations

The Peace Boat Relief Project in Ishinomaki is still going strong, and growing day by day. It has been more than a month since the disaster, and more than 1000 volunteers have been dispatched to Ishinomaki since the start of the efforts there.

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