Jan 2021


Update: Relief efforts in Kumamoto continue

Evacuation Center Support for Kuma-mura residents The torrential rains and severe floods hit Kumamoto Prefecture in July 2020. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) started logistics support to the relief organizations based in Kumamoto and neighboring prefectures immediately after the disaster. In response to the request from the prefectural government of Kumamoto and local government of Kuma-mura, YMCA Kumamoto and PBV provided operational support at the evacuation shelter for the residents affected by the disaster. PBV team and YMCA Kumamoto had been supporting the residents at the Former Taragi High School evacuation center from mid-August to the end of October when the center was closed. It was the first time for […]

Dec 2020


2020 PBV Project Briefing Session

Disaster Relief Amidst COVID-19 PBV held its annual Project Briefing session virtually on 18 Dec 2020. The session was open to registration to members of the public – especially those who have supported PBV’s efforts one way or another – to update and inform them about PBV’s activities throughout 2020. At the start of the session, an overview of how COVID-19 has impacted PBV’s disaster relief efforts was given. With concerns about how COVID-19 would put pressure on existing societal frameworks and systems, PBV has coined COVID-19 as a disaster on a global scale. COVID-19 has made it difficult for PBV staff to enter into disaster-hit areas due to movement […]