Jan 2021


Update: Relief efforts in Kumamoto continue

Evacuation Center Support for Kuma-mura residents

The torrential rains and severe floods hit Kumamoto Prefecture in July 2020. Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) started logistics support to the relief organizations based in Kumamoto and neighboring prefectures immediately after the disaster.

In response to the request from the prefectural government of Kumamoto and local government of Kuma-mura, YMCA Kumamoto and PBV provided operational support at the evacuation shelter for the residents affected by the disaster. PBV team and YMCA Kumamoto had been supporting the residents at the Former Taragi High School evacuation center from mid-August to the end of October when the center was closed.
It was the first time for PBV to support an evacuation center while taking measures against the infectious diseases, but thanks to the cooperation of everyone who supported us and the evacuees, we were able to close the center safely and help the evacuees move to their temporary houses.

Volunteer Center Support in Hitoyoshi

PBV staff members are now in Hitoyoshi City Disaster Relief Volunteer Center to help them with needs assessments of the affected residents. Three members of PBV have been dispatched to Hitoyoshi-city in Kumamoto since December 2020, to help operation of the volunteer center. More than half a year has passed since the disaster struck, and while some reconstruction work has progressed, the Disaster Relief Volunteer Center receives daily consultations from people who, for various reasons, are unable to clean their houses by themselves. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, relief volunteers can only be recruited from neighboring communities. Coordinating the limited volunteers effectively is a key to meet the needs of the residents. The team will continue the relief activities in cooperation with the Social Welfare Council, volunteers and various other supporters in Hitoyoshi, to help those facing extreme difficulties.

The full recovery cannot be done overnight. We seek your continued support to our relief efforts in Kumamoto. Please visit our donation page and find out how you can help those in the disaster affected areas.