Aug 2014


Hiroshima Landslides: PBV Emergency Response

PBV is on the ground in Hiroshima, responding to the devastating landslides that occurred on 20th August.

Latest reports indicate that the landslides have claimed over 70 lives and damaged hundreds of homes as the search for survivors continues.

Nine days on from the disaster, more than 1000 individuals are displaced and taking refuge in emergency shelters.

PBV is implementing a comprehensive response, with a specific focus on supporting evacuees and affected homeowners, in collaboration with local community and government groups.

We would greatly appreciate your involvement and support in helping communities affected by the landslides in Hiroshima:

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Thank you for your continued support.

Hiroshima Landslides Damage

Hiroshima Landslides Assessment

Hiroshima Landslides Search & Rescue