Mar 2023


Update on West Java Earthquake Relief: Activities in Partnership with ASAR Humanity

March 21, 2023 marks four months since the Western Java earthquake in Indonesia. The disaster took the lives of 602 people and damaged 56,548 houses resulting in the displacement of more than 114,000 residents.

Water station installed by ASAR Humanity and PBV

Immediately after the earthquake, Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) launched an emergency relief fund and has supported our local partner, ASAR Humanity since. We are very grateful that more than 900 individuals and organizations in Japan contributed to the fund to provide necessary assistance to the affected residents in Cinajur, Western Java. The generous donations made positive impacts on the communities and enabled ASAR Humanity to provide more than 3,000 people with support to, ranging from health services, food packages, shelter, public sanitation, and school equipment.

We received videos from villages in Cianjur where PBV has supported.

・Comments from the residents in Cianjur Part 1

・Comments from the residents in Cianjur Part 2

Toilets installed by ASAR Humanity and PBV

Four months have passed, but the residents’ difficulties continue. The area has experienced hundreds of aftershocks and frequent heavy rains since the main earthquake. Some residents in the affected villages are still living in tents and fearful every time it rains heavily. Improving their living conditions is one of the urgent challenges that need to be tackled. 

We have learned in our twelve years of experience in disaster responses in Japan and overseas that recovery cannot be completed overnight. The communities need long-term assistance from supporters. ASAR Humanity is indeed an organization devoted itself to walking with the residents along the journey to a full recovery. PBV continues the fundraising campaign to support the ongoing efforts by ASAR Humanity. We seek your continued cooperation on our campaign through donations. DONATE NOW!

<Cianjur in March 2023. Video courtesy of ASAR Humanity>