Dec 2020


Giving Tuesday 2020

What’s your plan for this year’s Giving Tuesday?

The year 2020 has been an unusual one; many of us have spent most of the time at home globally. Many had to give up excitement and entertainment like meeting with loved ones, social gathering, international travels and seasonal festivals to keep social distancing.

While many of us go through the challenging time, there are people who are in even tougher situations, such as in disaster affected areas. The hardship forced the humanitarian organizations including PBV to reconsider the ways to support those in need, but our tireless efforts have not been interrupted by the pandemic.

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to take a step to support those who support the people in need. There are many ways to help them while you stay at home, such as contributing your resources for a good cause.

PBV currently receives donations to support the following ongoing projects:

  • Typhoons Hagibis and Faxai Relief in eastern Japan 2019 (Iwaki, Chiba)
  • Emergency Relief for Torrential Rains and Floods in Kyushu 2020 (Kumamoto, Oita)
  • Emergency Relief Fund: Mauritius Oil Spill (Fund-raising campaign to support the Mauritian NGOs)
  • Donations for General Use

PBV offers various donation methods including corporate charity platforms, Benevity and Alaya. Visit our donation page and find the most convenient contribution option for you.

We may be distant, but we are connected!