Nov 2019


Call for volunteers and donations! Typhoon Relief 2019

The Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) has been carrying out relief projects in Chiba Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, both of which are affected by Typhoons Faxai (No. 15) and Hagibis (No.19). The typhoons occurring in September and October, caused severe damage to buildings, public facilities, infrastructure and livelihood. PBV teams are working closely with local authorities, NGOs, disaster relief networks, and organizations in the affected regions to provide much needed support to local residents.

In southern Chiba, thousands of houses sustained roof damage in the powerful winds of the typhoons. PBV has dispatched experienced and skilled volunteers to cover the damaged roofs with tarps for temporary protection. This work has been done in cooperation with local residents and other support organizations who specialize in carpentry work.

In Iwaki-city, Fukushima Prefecture, PBV has implemented various relief projects ranging from operational support to local disaster volunteer center, hot meal distribution, cleaning of the flooded houses to assistance at evacuation centers. Thousands of houses were flooded by the river water at the time of typhoon and some were flooded as high as 160 cm. Parks and streets in the affected zones are filled with piles of damaged furniture and mud-covered household items that the residents had to abandon. One month has passed since the typhoons, but many residents in the affected areas are still needing support for full recovery.

PBV has set up a volunteer base in Iwaki, and is accepting volunteers who can work onsite for two days or more. An English speaking staff member will be onsite from time to time to facilitate communication between Japanese and English-speaking volunteers. Should you be interested in taking part, please go through the following information and register by e-mail two days prior to the date you wish to join. Click here for more information on the volunteering opportunity.

We also accept donations in various forms to support our relief projects in Chiba and Fukushima – this includes corporate donations through the Benevity platform.

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The affected areas are in need of long-term support for full recovery. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!!