Feb 2013


Peace Boat volunteers continue to support recovery from Hurricane Sandy

Following Hurricane Sandy which hit the eastern coast of the United States in October 2012, Peace Boat has supporting the ongoing efforts for relief and recovery.
This support is continuing even through 2013, when the Peace Boat Disaster Volunteer Center (PBV) dispatched volunteers Riho Katsuta and Robin Lewis back to New York in January to continue the PBV Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts. Both volunteers originally went to New York with Peace Boat in November-December 2013, assisting local disaster relief organisation engaged in the Sandy Relief and Recovery Efforts, WorldCares Center (WCC). Riho and Robin have continued their dedicated work to assist the coordination of volunteers and operations of projects for ongoing support of affected populations in New York and New Jersey.

Dec 2012


Hurricane Sandy Relief Volunteer Project: Japanese Volunteers Supporting Disaster Victims in New York

The March 11 disasters in Japan resulted in an outpouring of concern, support and solidarity from the United States, which has been truly inspiring and encouraging, and made a tangible impact on the lives of people affected by the disaster in the Tohoku region. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Peace Boat travelled to New York together with Ishinomaki residents to assist in the volunteer and relief effort coordination efforts, to reciprocate the support that we received in Tohoku from the people of the US.

Nov 2012


Peace Boat begins disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy

The Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre (PBV) has dispatched two coordinating staff members today (November 12, 2012) to consider and begin potential support for the ongoing relief efforts in New York and surrounds following Hurricane Sandy.

Messages of support and donations have also been generously provided by the citizens of Ishinomaki City, expressing gratitude and solidarity in turn to the people of the United States who provided so much material and emotional support to those affected by the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.