Aug 2020


We are now on the Alaya platform: Corporate donations and volunteering made easy!

Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is excited to announce that we have joined Alaya, a digital platform that helps companies engage employees and make an impact on today’s social and environmental challenges. Read on to find out how it works!

Connecting companies and nonprofits

The platform offers easy-to-process information about a variety of nonprofits, facilitates      donations and volunteering, and tracks employee participation. With all of these benefits for businesses, registered nonprofit organizations, including PBV, stand to gain even more. We are thrilled to connect with the world’s leading companies in Alaya’s growing network.

Branching out into the new philanthropy network

As an expert organization on disaster relief, we have organized disaster-relief projects in Japan and 28 other countries around the world. Each project was made possible with generous donations from companies and individuals, as well as the fantastic work of the PBV volunteers. Since our foundation in 2011, more than 100,000 people joined PBV’s relief efforts, including volunteers dispatched from companies. We are thankful that more and more companies are considering contributing to disaster relief as a part of their corporate social responsibility. We believe that our journey with Alaya will connect us with corporate members across the globe to collaborate.

Preparing for the next emergency

The donations raised through Alaya will make our immediate disaster response possible. Year by year, the scale and frequency of natural disasters, especially floods, are increasing. Our disaster relief projects start with dispatch of a damage assessment team to the affected areas. The dispatch is crucial for designing the response plans which best meet the needs of the local people. The funds will be a great support to cover the cost of the dispatch and provide immediate support to the affected communities across Japan.

Find us on Alaya today

If you are working at one of Alaya’s corporate partners, find PBV and start your contribution to disaster relief today! We plan to add more information on the page to call for volunteers and donations to specific projects in future. We are looking forward to participating in this social engagement program to deliver support to those recovering from disasters. Click HERE for more information on Alaya.