Dec 2021


Year-end Clean-up? Send Your Unwanted Items and Support Charities!

Are you planning a year-end-clean up before welcoming the year 2022? Did you know that garbage collection is not the only way to get rid of your unwanted items?

Today, we are introducing two companies in Japan which collect unwanted items and support a wide range of charity organizations. Otakara Aid and Arigato Bon (Value Books) offer a service to pick up your unwanted items and donate a part of the items’ cash value to Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) and other non-profit organizations.

Otakara Aid collects: Unused postal stamps and postcards, DVDs, video games, musical instruments, cameras, lenses, watches and brand-name items, valid gift vouchers (such as book vouchers), gold and precious metals (regardless of the condition), medals, antiques, paintings, wall scrolls, jewelry, tin toys, and quality tableware (Meissen, Wedgewood, Baccarat, etc.). Put all items you want to donate in a box and call the post office to arrange free pick-up. They will come to pick up the box and deliver to Otakara Aid Center for free of charge. Visit the following PBV webpage for details: https://pbv.or.jp/otakara-aids

Arigato Bon (Value Books) collects books, DVDs, CDs and game machines and donate part of the re-sale price to non-profit organizations including the PBV. Your shipping cost will be free when you send five or more items altogether. Please make sure that all items you are sending have ISBN code or standard product numbers, and refrain from sending books published before 2010. For more detailed instructions, visit Shinrai Shihon Zaidan Website and make pick-up arrangement:

All you need is simply to pack the items and call or e-mail to arrange pick-up. Of course, you can do this individually, but you may also want to invite your friends or colleagues to bring their unwanted items to maximize the impact of your contribution. The donations raised through the Otakara Aid and Arigato Bon services will be utilized to support the PBV’s activities.

What you don’t want to keep may turn into a great contribution to the communities through these services. Send off your unwanted items, support charity activities and enjoy this year’s holiday season!