Nov 2019


Call for Volunteers! Typhoon 19 Emergency Relief in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture: 15-17 Nov., 2019

Typhoon 19 struck the Japanese archipelago with great force on October 12th and 13th, 2019. It brought record-breaking heavy rains to numerous areas and caused emergency warnings in 12 different prefectures.

Levees broke in 145 places, and the flood damaged over 60,000 households. Peace Boat Disaster Relief Center (PBV) provides support predominantly in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture (affected by Typhoon 19) and Kyonan, Chiba prefecture (first hit by Typhoon 15, then struck again by Typhoon 19).

Those whom suffered in this disaster need long-term help with reconstruction and recovery. PBV has set up a volunteer base in Iwaki and accepts volunteers not only from Japan but also from overseas. Please lend us your helping hand for urgent restoration!! English speaking PBV staff member will be onsite from 15 – 17 November to work the volunteers who may need language assistance (Japanese-English interpretation). Accommodation and most of the tools and equipment will be provided at the PBV base. Should you be interested, please go through the information below and  register by sending e-mail with details given at the bottom of this page.

ボランティア活動中の日本語コミュニケーション(安全管理、警報等発令時の緊急連絡などを含む)に不安のない方は、日本語ページよりお申し込みください。PBV日本語ページ:https://pbv.or.jp/volunteer/2019typhoon_02  以下は作業にあたり英語通訳の必要な方向けのご案内となります。

Application Overview

Dates: November 15 – 17, 2019 (The period of activities is negotiable. Please contact us!). The schedule may change depending on

the local situation, such as climate condition and requests from the residents.

Location: Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture and its surrounding areas affected by Typhoon 19 and the heavy rains related to T

yphoon 21. Transportation fee from your location to Izumi station in Fukushima Prefecture is at your own cost. Upon consultation with the local social welfare councils, local governments, and NPOs, and considering existing support, we are currently active in the above area.


  • Management support of Iwaki Disaster Volunteer Center
  • Cleaning affected households
  • Distributing supplies and meal distribution for affected persons
  • Other tasks in cooperation with Iwaki Disaster Volunteer Center

Activities may change accordingly to the on-site situation. Activity may also be canceled due to the local weather conditions.

Application Requirements

Number of Applicants: Approximately 20 people / day

Required Qualifications:

Meet at JR Izumi station in Fukushima prefecture at 18;30 on 15th November, Friday. Should you have difficulty in

arriving on time, please contact us in advance.

  •            Please complete the registration by 13 November, 2019.
  •            Volunteers must be in good physical condition, and aged between 18 and 70
  •            For minors, please submit the Underage Consent Form (please contact us)
  •            Volunteers must be eligible for the “Volunteer Insurance -Natural Disaster Type” available at social welfare center
    s prior to the meeting date. To apply online: https://www.saigaivc.com/insurance/ , To apply in person: Applications can be made at any social welfare center (irrespective of your registered residency). Please apply for the insurance prior to arriving in the affected area to avoid congestion and delays. “Natural Disaster Type(天災タイプ)” is the recommended insurance type for volunteers as it covers accidents caused by natural disasters. As insurance comes into effect the day after application, please apply the day prior to moving to the disaster affected site. PBV’s Disaster Volunteer Program is ran in cooperation with Iwaki social welfare center. Volunteers who have not applied for insurance prior to meeting will not be able to participate.

Volunteers must have the following items ready:

Must-have equipment: helmet, goggles, windbreaker, gloves (available for rental on site)

Participation Fee: 1,000yen (Only for those who are staying on-site overnight. The price is set regardless of the duration of your stay). Fees will be collected on-site. For PBV Annual Support Members, there is no fee charged.

*Although not required, volunteers with driving experience are welcomed.

Meeting Time and Place (For those who are commuting by train or car)

Time: 18:30 on 15th November, 2019 (Friday)

Place: JR Izumi Station in front of Izumi Police Box, Iwaki East Police Station

Our staff (wearing navy/blue vest) will pick you up, so please be there on time. As parking spaces are limited, please let us know in advance if you re arriving by your private car. After meeting, we will conduct an orientation, explain the schedule of the activities and have you sign some paperwork.

Finishing (departure) time

Time: Around 18:30 after the program is complete on 17th November.

Place: We will take you to Izumi station,

*Please let us know in advance if you want to leave earlier than 18:30 or stay over and leave in the next morning.



Please be sure to check below for the information on items to bring and accommodation.


  • What to bring/ wear
    [Health insurance card/ certificate] –Necessary in case you see doctor on-site. Original copy only.
[Volunteer insurance certificate] —Copy or Screenshot OK
[Work Clothes] – Long trousers, long-sleeved T-shirts and comfortable shoes during volunteer work.
[Other] – Changing work clothes and other daily needs for the number of days, drinking water, cash, medication if needed, driver’s license if you drive onsite.
* Please check weather forecast for Fukushima and bring appropriate clothing to the climate. Refrain from overly exposing skin or looking inappropriate, please wear modest clothing.

  • On-site Rental Goods
    ・ Helmets ・ Goggles ・ Dust masks ・ Waterproof jacket and trousers ・ Leather gloves, Rubber gloves ・ Safety Inner soles
    * All rental goods are second-hand and availability is limited. Please bring your own items where possible. * Boots are available for rental in different sizes from 24cm to 27cm (in increments of 1 cm), but number of boots available in each size is limited and we cannot guarantee that we can provide a pair in the exact size you will need. If you need a pair in larger size or in exact size of your preference, please bring your own pair.
  • Information on Volunteer Base/ Accommodation
    ▼PBV Volunteer Base in Iwaki
    ・PBV Volunteer Base is located in Onahama area in Iwaki. The orientation will be held at the base upon your arrival. The base has been offered to our volunteers with courtesy by the local people.
    ・The rooms are separated by gender, just like a hostel or dormitory.
    ・Electricity and running water are available.
    ・Participation fee: JPY 1,000
    *The participation fee will be collected on-site to cover the cost of utilities (Free of charge for
    PBV Annual Support Members).

▼ Meals
・Meals are not provided at the accommodation. There are convenience store, restaurants and supermarket in walking distance from the PBV base.

▼ Bedding
Sleeping bag will be provided at the base.

▼ Kitchen
Basic cooking facility is available at the base.

▼ Bath and shower
There is no bathing facility at the accommodation. Please use public bath in the neighborhood (JPY 550-750 per visit). Bring your towel.

There is no washing machine in the accommodation. If you need to do laundry, please use laundromat in the neighborhood (about 5 minutes’ walk).



How to Register

Advanced registration is required. Should you wish to join,  please provide the following information in your message to relief@pbv.or.jp 2 days before the date you intend to join.

■ Name (in alphabet):

■ Name (in Katakana, if known):

■ Phone number:

■ E-mail address:

■ Address (prefecture of residence in Japan):

■ Age and Date of Birth:

■ Sex:

■ Date of arrival in Izumi station (Fukushima):

■ Date of departure from Izumi station (Fukushima):

■ Means of travel to Izumi station (please select): Train, Bus, Own Vehicle, Other (please specify):

■ Type of your driver’s License, if any:

■ Will you be able to drive during the relief activities if required?: Yes/ No

■ Experience in disaster relief volunteer activities (if any, please specify):

■ Questions (if any)?

Should you be interested, please contact us at relief@pbv.or.jp