Apr 2015


Nepal Earthquake 2015: Emergency Relief


On 25th April, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck 80km northwest of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The strong tremor has caused severe loss of life and widespread damage across the country; thousands of casualties have been reported and critical infrastructure has sustained significant damage.

The toll is expected to rise as more information from affected areas becomes available.

PBV ‘s response team is deploying to Kathmandu on 2nd May in order to carry out a rapid needs assessment and assist affected communities through the provision of emergency supplies.

The team is in contact with partners on the ground and is working closely with community stakeholders, UN agencies, governmental groups and NGOs to provide effective assistance where it is most needed.

For updates, please see PBV’s website and Facebook page.

Support survivors of the Nepal earthquake via our Online Donations Page.

[English] http://pbv.or.jp/donate/2015_nepal/english.html

[Japanese] http://pbv.or.jp/donate/2015_nepal.html