Aug 2016


Join the Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop [Tokyo, 4th September 2016]

Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop
[Tokyo, 4th September @ 13:00 – 15:00]

Want to learn how to prepare your home and protect your family in the event of a major disaster? 

Join the free-of-charge, English-language “Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop” in Tokyo on 4th September 2016.

Japan is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, and the capital Tokyo is said to be at risk of a major earthquake, as well as a range of other natural hazards.

Do you know how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for a major earthquake?
In the event of a major disaster, would you know how to act?

If this sounds interesting or useful to you, attend the English-language “Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop”, to be held in Tokyo on 4th September.

Date: 4th September 2016
Time: 13:00-15:00
Location: Shinjuku Sports Center, inside Toyama Koen, Tokyo (Takadanobaba Station, Okubo 3-chome)

*No prior experience or disaster-related knowledge necessary.

 Theory and practical skills in how to survive and help others immediately after a major disaster (first 72 hours and beyond). Trainers will cover essentials in disaster preparedness for your household, and participants will learn how to make a disaster plan with important information such as emergency contacts, hazard maps, and evacuation routes.

Participation Fee: FREE!

 Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center

– This will be held at a major Disaster Prevention festival, the “Shinjuku Bosai Festa”, which will feature a wide range of disaster preparedness activities and entertainment (http://bosai-festa.com/).
– Please arrive on time for the training.
– The first week of September is National Disaster Prevention Week – take this opportunity to prepare for the next disaster and protect your loved ones!

Please send the following details to relief@peaceboat.gr.jp
1. Full Name
2. Telephone Number (contactable on the day)
3. Address

Things to bring on the day:
1. Pen/pencil & notebook (participants will also be given a workbook)
2. If possible, a “hazard map” (ハザードマップ) or “disaster prevention map”(防災マップ) showing evacuation center locations and risk areas  in your neighbourhood. These can usually be obtained at your local government office or on your local government’s website.
E.g. https://www.city.shinjuku.lg.jp/foreign/english/guide/kinkyu/image/saigai_map_e.pdf

More Information

More than 2700 people have taken the Household Disaster Preparedness Planning Workshop since its launch in April 2014, ranging from children to adults of all backgrounds.

The workshop aims to engage, educate and prepare individuals and families for future disasters, in the ultimate aim of minimizing loss of life and injury in disaster time. Participants learn how to formulate a disaster plan for their entire household and are encouraged to share with their loved ones, so that all individuals can have the same plan that can be activated in times of disaster.

Along with input from subject matter experts, professors and other specialists, the curriculum was also developed from the first-hand experiences and lessons learnt from survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake.