Mar 2012


National High School Baseball Championship 2012

Ishinomaki Technical Highschool (Ishiko) appeared in “the 84th National High School Baseball Championship”, a spring championship at Koshien where heated competition is still taking place.

This was the first time for Ishiko to appear in the National Baseball Championship. Although both their school buildings and facilities were heavily affected by the disaster, leading to poor conditions for training, they managed to win second place in the prefectural championship. Not only playing baseball, the team also was helping the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their community including mud clearance. In late January, a great surprise was delivered to them – an invitation to the national championship in a special “21st-century selection” slot.

Dec 2011


Jumbo Norimaki (Sushi Roll)!

From November 23 to 27, “Tomoni-Mae-e-Ganbaru Shotengai Matsuri” (Let’s Work Together Together to Move Forward Shopping Street Festival) was held in the center of Ishinomaki, near the headquarters of the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre. Aitopia-dori, Hashi-dori and Kotobukichominami-dori were the main streets of this festival. As well as a sale held by all the stores on the shopping streets, many events and activities were planned. These included supporting shops from all over the country, giving away saury fish for free; Ishinomaki’s traditional “Hidakamitaiko” (Japanese drum) and street performers, amongst more. With all these, the few days were filled with energy strong and warm enough to blow away the cold. This report will mainly cover an event of the first day of the festival, making a Jumbo Norimaki (sushi roll).