Oct 2011

Volunteer magazine “Ishinomaki Tsuushin”

Volunteer magazine “Ishinomaki Tsuushin”


The Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre has started a monthly magazine of information from Ishinomaki, to share with people who have joined volunteer activities in Ishinomaki to date.
Although only available in Japanese, the magazine is now available online here: “Ishinomaku Tsuushin – Omoi Tendenko

Contents include how Ishinomaki has changed since the 3.11 disaster>
Behind the scenes of volunteers and the local community?
What are certain people doing now?

The magazine is being edited by comedian Fukushima Katsushige, who has appeared in this blog many times.
Mr Fukushima has been active for several months as a volunteer leader in Ishinomaki, and actually was awarded the 2011 WOWOW Scenario Prize this year!

On his own personal blog, Mr Fukushima writes that he hopes the magazine will be read not only by those who have volunteered, but also people who aren’t able to go to Ishinomaki themselves but want to contribute in some way, or are considering volunteering themselves – so for those who are volunteers in either mind or body!

The first edition of the magazine is now complete. On the front cover is a photograph from what is now a famous moment in Ishinomaki Peace Boat history – when there were 800 volunteers present during Golden Week.

The contents of this magazine can now be read online for free. From here, it will be published monthly for the next six months, available to purchase for 3000 yen (6 volumes, including postage).

Although it is only available in Japanese, we hope you will enjoy it! See here for more details.