Nov 2018


Season of Giving: New Donation Method and Call for Volunteers

We are pleased to announce that Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV) has now been registered to Benevity, an international online platform facilitating employee engagement and corporate donations.

If your company is planning to organize fundraising events for charities this holiday season, you may want to utilize the fund to support those affected by disasters in Japan and overseas. PBV is currently working on relief activities in Okayama (severely damaged by flooding and heavy rain in July), Hokkaido (damaged by the earthquake in September) and Sulawesi (damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in September). At PBV, we work closely with the local organizations and community groups based in the affected area and effectively deliver needed support to those in need of help.

Thanks to the new development, you can now make donation to PBV on Benevity Causes Portal¬†in addition to existing methods of donations through banks transfer and credit cards. One of the advantages of using Benevity is that the platform simplifies grant management and streamlines the corporate donations to registered charities. In the online platform, you can make donations to PBV’s specific project(s) or to PBV itself to support our activities.¬†Please visit Benevity website for more details.

Besides the donation, we also seek volunteers who can work in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan, to help cleaning the flood affected houses and rebuilding communities thorough face-to-face support. Should you be interested in taking a part, feel free to contact relief@pbv.or.jp. We offer language support (English) to volunteers who may not be confident in communication in Japanese.

Thank you very much for your continued support to Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center!