Oct 2011


Concert by Oshio Kotaro at Hebita Junior High School

On October 7, famous Japanese guitarist Oshio Kotaro performed a concert for local evacuation center residents at Hebita Junior High School in Ishinomaki.

Mr. Oshio first performed live for the local radio station, Ishinomaki Radio, and then performed for local residents in the early evening after visiting the Kameshichi kimono store in Ishinomaki. Mr. Oshio previously performed in Ishinomaki in June at the end of his national concert tour and the owner of Kameshichi offered his store as a the venue because Peace Boat’s volunteers had helped to clean up the store after the disaster (see here). The local residents enjoyed the performance very much and received lots of encouragement from Mr. Oshio’s live music.

This evacuation center was closed on October 11 and the closing ceremony was held on the day of the concert. Hebita Junior High School students attended the ceremony.

After Mr. Oshio finished his performance in the evening, he gave the evacuation center residents a surprise by presenting them with gifts of winter underwear and jackets as the weather is gradually getting colder. When Mr. Oshio was leaving he promised to come back and visit Ishinomaki again.

All photos by Nakamura Mitsutoshi