Oct 2011


Ishinomaki Light & Art Festival

From October 8 to 10 the “Ishinomaki Light & Art Festival – Light a Candle in Prayer for Recovery” was held in the Kashima-miko Shrine grounds at Hiyoriyama Park. Please enjoy this report about the songs, dances, musical performances and light displays.

Candles laid in the shape of the Kashima-miko Shrine’s crest in the temple grounds overlooking the coastline which suffered catastrophic damage in the disaster.

This event was organized starting with an idea from “Akarido,” a candle shop in Ishinomaki. The owner of Akarido wanted to create a “light towards recovery” and various artists who thought this was a good idea came together to organize the event. During the day there were stalls where people could try candle-making and then the candles were lit after 5pm. Artists performed dance and song to the soft light of candles. Peace Boat was involved with preparing lanterns that children had drawn comic book characters on and putting up posters advertising the event.

On October 8, the first day of the event, the mayor of Ishinomaki Mr Kameyama Hiroshi conducted the candle-lighting ceremony.

Participants lit candles one by one.

The sun had set by the time all the candles were lit.

Once it was completely dark the area took on a mystical atmosphere.

Musician BUN who has been a Peace Boat guest educator gave a wonderful performance on the Karimba (thumb piano).

The electricity used at the event was generated using the oil from melted plastic caps of PET bottles.


Please enjoy these photos from the event.


Day 1 (October 8)

Day 2 (October 9)

Day 3 (October 10)

All photos by Nakamura Mitsutoshi