Mar 2013


Interview with hosting fishing family for “Now, Here Project”

The “Now, Here Project” was launched in January 2013. This is an interview with one of the hosting fishing families about the project, Mr Abe Kazuhiro (49) from Fukkiura, Oshika Peninsuka, Ishinomaki, who is specialised in Oyster Farming!

Q1: How long have you lived by the sea?
A: My ancestors have lived here by the sea for generations.

Q2: What made you want to participate in the “Now, Here Project?”
A: First, I wanted more people to help, and I wanted to interact with various people and hear lots of stories.  I wanted them to see the current condition of Fukkiura too.

Q3: What were some good parts and difficult parts of participating?
A: A good point is that I got to meet a lot of different people, and listen to them speak, and show them the current condition of the seaside.  If you say for work, in truth I wanted them to shuck oysters.  But, because of the earthquake the total number of oysters harvested this year was small.  It was difficult because since their stay was only about a week, all they could do was learn.

Q4: What is the number one lasting impression you got from participating?
A: By chance, my birthday fell during the time when I was being helped. I got a present from the people helping me. I was so delighted.

Q5: In the future, what kind of person do you want to see help?
A: Anyone is fine as long as they are enthusiastic. Look at the current condition of the seashore, feel it, and if they work together and help, that much is fine. I’m looking forward to meeting people who have read this.