Feb 2013


Fukushima Youth Ambassadors: Australia, Spring 2013

“Experience the Great Outdoors; learn how to create a sustainable society!”

Peace Boat has organised programmes for youth from Fukushima to experience international exchange in Asia in 2011 and in North and Central America in 2012. In 2013, the third recreation project will take place in Spring in Australia. This programme will bring junior high school students from Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture to Melbourne, Australia during their March-April vacation, to experience international exchange and learn about environmental issues.

  • Experience the Wonder of Nature:
    Experiencing the wonder of nature in Australia’s great outdoors will be of great benefit to the youth’s mental and physical welfare, and give them an opportunity to consider the importance of the environment and the great outdoors.
  • Make friends abroad, Study Language
    Through visiting local schools and staying with local families, the  youth will participate in cross-cultural exchange and language training. This will give them a chance to learn about alternative perspectives, and friends abroad. We hope this will equip them with creative, global imaginations, skills they can use in their future as leaders in the recovery of Japan and Fukushima.
  • Think about Sustainability
    The youth will learn about sustainable lifestyles from local NGOs and specialists in Melbourne. They will learn about Australia’s experience with the nuclear cycle including uranium mining and nuclear testing, as a chance to consider the relationship between nature, health and energy.
  • Expressing gratitude, Sharing experiences from Fukushima
    After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan received a great deal of support from Australians. Many individuals donated and sent messages of support, and some even came all the way to Northeast Japan to volunteer. Sharing the experiences of the disaster in Japan will hopefully allow the rest of the world to learn and share.

Various local Australian individuals and organisations are cooperating to make this project a reality. Connecting the world and Fukushima, and the experiences brought back by the youth to Fukushima and Japan, will help to create hope and vitality for the future.

Fukushima junior high school students on exchange in Viet Nam (Fukushima Youth Project 2011 – Summer)

Calling for donations to make the “Fukushima Youth Ambassadors: Australia 2013” possible.

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