Apr 2018


PBV 7th Anniversary Declaration of Commitment

April 19 marks seven years since the establishment of the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV). Our journey up until this point has been supported by the thoughts and actions of all of you.

Thanks to all of our supporters, we have grown into an organization that can fulfill its expected role to society. I would like to share the goals we at PBV  continue to value which are based on our original philosophy that “People support people”.

1. In order to aid in the recovery of disaster victims and the affected areas, we will provide a place tailored to their culture and lives in which all of the various supporters can transform their thoughts and intent into a concrete shape.

2. In order to actualize that, we will work to enhance our day-to-day disaster prevention / reduction training programs and develop more specialized disaster relief activities.

3. Along with our initial emergency response we will cooperate with volunteers, supporters and partner organizations to conduct volunteer coordination on the ground. 

Especially this year, in order to help support those who would like to volunteer, we would like to become an organization with the “easiest environment to volunteer for disaster relief in Japan”.

These goals can not be realized by us alone. I would like to strive towards achieving these things in collaboration with the people affected by disasters and the people who support them.

We are aiming for a society where all people are able to help each other regardless of their country or region.

Ueshima Yasuhiro
Secretary General, Peace Boat Disaster Volunteer Center

April 19, 2018