Jun 2016


PBV at The World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul

PBV participated in The World Humanitarian Summit which took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 23-24 May 2016.
The Summit was attended by 9,000 participants from 180 member states, who came together to support a new shared Agenda for Humanity and take action to prevent and reduce the unprecedented level of humanitarian need and suffering in the world today.
It is the first conference of its kind where representatives of Member States, non-governmental organisations, civil society, populations affected by crises, the private sector and international organisations came together on such a significant scale.
The Agenda for Humanity and its five core responsibilities:
I. Political leadership to prevent and end conflict
II. Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity
III. Leave noone behind
IV. Change People’s Lives: From Delivering aid to ending need
V. Invest in Humanity

More information can be found here in the Chair’s Summary (here) and the SG Report on the Outcome of the World Humanitarian Summit (here).