Peace Boat’s “100 Resilient Youth” campaign aims to build capacity of 100 young leaders in DRR around the world. This program empowers leaders to implement the Post-2015 Framework for DRR at the community level and build resilient cities. Through training young DRR actors in public, private and civil sectors, it is possible to strengthen regional cooperation on DRR and develop the next generation of DRR leaders. Starting in March 2015.
100 Resilient Youth

Our Vision of Resilience

Peace Boat, with over 30 years experience of peace and resilience building around the world, believes that all-of-society participation in all phases of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is the key. A truly resilient society requires the participation and cooperation of both government and civil society actors; Peace Boat aims to build capacity and bridge the gap between these two.

Peace Boat’s Resilience Building Focus Areas are:

100 Resilient Youth Peace Boat's Resilience Building Focus Areas

  • Training and developing community members, local governments and disaster relief volunteers in non-disaster times to prepare for future disasters.
Response and Preparedness

  • Responding to disasters in 15 countries, delivering needed assistance to affected communities.
  • Working with communities and building existing capacities, ensuring to always work towards long-term, sustainable recovery.
Awareness Raising & Networks

  • Connecting global stakeholders to facilitate cooperation, cohesion and joint actions on DRR. Strengthening regional cooperation with a local perspective.
  • Advocating for the strengthening of DRR policies and mechanisms through press conferences, awareness raising events and campaigns.

The campaign will utilize Peace Boat’s passenger ship as:

  • a Messenger, with its physical presence able to raise awareness in the ports we visit
  • a Venue for delivering education and training programmes, and
  • a Vehicle to bring people and expertise to different regions of the world.
100 Resilient Youth
100 Resilient Youth

Programs will also take place in communities

  • Training Sessions: Developing DRR actors
  • Field Visits: Learning and connecting with communities
  • Press Conferences: Bringing together stakeholders to carry out programs